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Jake Locker Injury Update: Titans QB Misses Practice Again Thursday

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Locker missed his second straight day of practice today with the injured thumb.  Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said after practice that Locker threw the ball "a little bit" (according to media on hand) and the biggest issue Locker has right now is gripping the ball.  That is a pretty big issue for a quarterback.

I don't work for the team, but my guess is that Locker has to practice tomorrow to have much of a chance to play.  I doubt Whiz feels very good about running Locker out there if he hasn't practiced at all during the week.

The good news here is that Jurrell Casey was able to return to practice.

Those that were not practicing during the open period: Shonn Greene, Coty Sensabaugh, Taylor Thompson and Craig Stevens.  All of those guys could be considered starters.  When you add Locker, Michael Roos, Zach Brown and Bernard Pollard to that list, it makes at least 7 opening day starters that were not available today.  That is not good for a team that is light on talent as it is #hottakes #thankstips.