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Michael Roos to have season ending surgery; Time with Titans likely over


The Tennessee Titans found a steal in 2005 when they drafted Michael Roos in the second round.  Now, 9 1/2 seasons later, his career in Nashville has probably come to a close.  It is unfortunate that it had to end in one of the most epic collapses of all-time.

Roos has only missed 1 game in his career to this point- back in 2012 when he had an emergency appendectomy.  It is fitting that he played every offensive snap in the game where he suffered a season-ending injury.  That is how tough and dedicated Michael Roos is.

Roos probably won't be in the Hall of Fame, but he has to be on the list of the best players this franchise has had since the moved to Tennessee.  He is also a class individual who handled himself like a pro on and off the field.

Now Roos gives way to rookie Taylor Lewan, who will have some big shoes to fill.  Let's just hope Lewan can keep his head screwed on straight long enough to reach his potential.  Hopefully Lewan has learned some things about being a professional from Roos, and hopefully Roos will still be around to help Lewan as he adjusts to being a starting left tackle in this league.

Thank you, Michael Roos, for everything you have done for this franchise.  Your high level of play and dependability will be greatly missed by the fans.