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Between The Posts: Question Of The Day

Your nightly OT open thread.

Frederick Breedon

How long should the Titans wait before they consider starting Zach Mettenberger?

That question would have elicited strong reactions from many Titans fans (myself included) if asked 2 months ago. But now, with the team mired in what is most likely another fruitless season, should the Titans find out what they have and turn over the reins to the young gun? If so, when? Week 6? Week 8? The last couple games of the year?

Personally, (and I am sounding like a broken record by now), I think the Titans absolutely NEED to know what they have in Mettenberger before the end of the year. It will inherently affect how they approach the draft, free agency, and consequently, next season.

Tell us below what you think of the proposition, and how you would navigate the situation if you were in Ken Whisenhunt's shoes. I will leave the thread open as always for off-topic discussion/debate. Have an awesome night MCM.