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Where Do The Tennessee Titans Go From Here?

With five games down and playoff hopes all but evaporated, what is the direction of this Titans squad?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tennessee Titans closing in on their intra-division match-up vs the Jaguars this weekend, fans are left pondering if the team are able to win a few more games this year or not, whether the new hires were the right ones, and where the future lies for the team.

Jimmy hit on it here. The Titans are about as close to a "must-win" scenario as they can be for a 1-4 squad. They will play the win-less Jaguars for the rights to the AFC South cellar. Both teams have been disappointing thus far to say the least, but it's the Jaguars that enter this game with a clear vision for the future. The Titans, meanwhile, are in a messy state where little is guaranteed past this year.

The Titans may very well kiss the 2014 season goodbye if they can't come out with a win here. But that would not be the end of the questioning, but rather the beginning of a whole new boatload of them. With the playoffs far from the team's mind, the coaches and front office should be focusing on evaluating the young talent they have on board. Late round pick Avery Williamson has been a breathe of fresh air at ILB, Daimion Stafford had an excellent pre-season at the safety spot, Bishop Sankey has looked phenomenal when given the chance. It's time to discover what the team has, or hasn't got, on the roster.

I mentioned it in last night's post, but I think one of the most important things for this Titans franchise will be going into the offseason knowing what they have in Zach Mettenberger. If he flashes the talent that the team thinks they can work with, that may very well allow them to take the best pass rusher available in the draft, and focus on getting the personnel they need for new systems on both sides of the ball (especially on defense). However; should Mettenberger get his number called and look perpetually lost as a starting QB, the Titans can make that mission no.1 going into next season; whether that means Marcus Mariota or otherwise, we can only speculate.

Either way, the Tennessee Titans have big questions as they trudge their way deeper into this desperate campaign. And the answers that they give will no doubt shape the fortunes of this team for years to come.