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Tennessee Titans News Links: Better than the Jags*

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky writes his weekly "thinking what the Titans are thinking," article and again, I think he's right. I think the Titans think they are better than the Jags but they have to prove it. Because as of now, I don't believe we are better than anyone.

We are bad in every single stat. But somehow the Jags are worse in all but two. That being said, we had playoff aspirations this year, and they had Chad Henne as their starter.

17.9%. That is the completion percentage for the Titans on deep passes. That is flat out unacceptable and an Alex Smithian, Blaine Gabbertian number. In an offense that takes shots down the field fairly frequently, we have to get better in that department.

Fantasy prediction for the Titans from Kenneth Goit. The Jags are one of the teams (we are too), where you start everyone on the opposing offense against them. However, the way our offense has gone, I wouldn't recommend that.

Quote of the Day: "A forest bird never wants a cage." -Henrik Ibsen