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Bernard Pollard has ruptured Achilles tendon

The Titans veteran safety will miss the rest of the season.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt confirmed at his weekly press conference that Bernard Pollard has a ruptured Achilles tendon.  He will be placed on IR and miss the rest of the season.  George Wilson will probably step in to Pollard's role on the field.

As expected, Whiz did not give much of an update on Jake Locker's thumb at the presser.  Whisenhunt said there doesn't appear to be any structural damage, but that Jake's hand is swollen today.  Whiz said that they will know more on Wednesday.

Craig Stevens has a quad injury that will require further evaluation.  Whiz did say that Taylor Thompson has a chance to practice this week.  That will help if Stevens isn't available this Sunday against the Jaguars.