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Wesley Woodyard is Pissed Off

Stacy Revere

So this is great.  Paul Kuharsky asked Wesley Woodyard why more guys in the locker room weren't pissed off after the collapse yesterday.  Here was Woodyard's response:


Things escalated quickly for this #ESPN reporter. 0 to 100. Real quick.

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That was almost as good as the PK Randy Moss exchange from a couple of years ago.

It is hard to judge anything from the way guys are acting after a game. Bernard Pollard says stuff every week that gets fans all excited, but it clearly isn't having any affect on the guys in the locker room. There performance on the field hasn't changed at all.

It is time to come to the conclusion that this team just needs better players. Woodyard hasn't been very good, but you have to remember that he got benched in Denver last year for not being good. Why did we expect that he was going to come over here and be any different?

This team has missed pretty badly, for the most part, in free agency the last couple of years, and the drafts haven't been that good to date. That is where the focus should be instead of how guys are acting in the locker room after the game.