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Player on the bubble: Defense

Who is feeling the heat.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans defense has been awful so far. Over the past four games they are averaging an allowed 32 points on defense, which is next to last in the league, the only team worse is the winless Jacksonville Jaguars.

While there are a lot of people to blame, and the scheme switches do usually take a year to get used to, one name has been fairly disappointing this year. That is...

Bernard Pollard S

Pollard is a locker room leader, but on the field he is just a step too slow at this point. While he has had some up and down games, Titans fans expected that when he signed with them last year. What they didn't expect was that he wouldn't deliver blows like he has in the past.

The "striker" tag that so many think of when they think of Bernard Pollard, didn't come with him to Tennessee when he signed with the Titans. He is either not confident in his role on the defense, or he just isn't in the right position to make those hits.

Unfortunately, while he may not be a striker like he used to be, he still has that stigma when the refs look at him. Many penalties are thrown at Pollard because the refs expect certain plays from him to be fowls. This isn't fair, but it is true and it hurts the team about once every game.

Pollard is reportedly hurt, so this is a harsh thing to say, but this may be what is best for him. If his injury isn't serious, the Titans can look at replacements for him and find ways to involve Pollard on a limited basis.

Who would replace him: George Wilson

Wilson is actually a really good safety and when he is in he seems to understand the game very well. He is quicker than Pollard and is constantly in good position to make plays on outside routes. The Titans already use Wilson a good deal, and have faith in him to play. As the Titans secondary takes hits due to injury, Wilson should get a chance to become a featured player on this defense.