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Player on the bubble: offense

Who is feeling the heat.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This may become a new column for me if the Titans keep playing like...this. This will be which player I think is most likely to see the bench in the immediate future and this week's nominee is...

Andy Levitre left guard?

Levitre has been the biggest free agent bust for the Titans in a long long time. Not only did he not sure up the Titans left guard position, but his constant penchant for drawing penalties hurts the Titans beyond his play on the field.

When the Titans signed Levitre it looked like a stud in Buffalo, I even charted his play against the Titans. He controlled Jurrell Casey for four quarters and really had no competition against a fairly talented Titans offensive line. Whether it was his injuries that derailed his career, or his big paycheck is something that no one really knows. Levitre honestly looks like he is trying his hardest and that he wants to be great, but he just doesn't hold a candle to the player he used to be just two years ago.

The Titans would get nearly $9 million in cap room next year if they cut Levitre, and could open up some room to make some (hopefully) better moves in free agency next year.

Who would replace him: Taylor Lewan

Lewan isn't a natural left guard, but he deserves to be getting reps on the field. He is a strong player who has graded out as the Titans best offensive lineman this year despite playing limited snaps, mostly out of position. He and Roos might be able to give the Titans a solid run blocking tandem. Also, Chance Warmack and Brian Schwenke don't seem to have that innate attitude to set the tone on the offensive line, and that is something that Lewan has in spades.