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Tennessee Titans fall to Cleveland Browns. Final Score: 29-28

The Titans blow it...again.

Frederick Breedon

The Tennessee Titans blew the biggest lead in franchise history, allowing the Cleveland Browns to crawl back into the game following a first quarter and a half which saw the good guys ahead 28-3.

Jake Locker looked great, which I suppose is a silver lining. But yet again he was forced from the game through injury. Charlie Whiethurst was good in relief, tossing two great touchdown passes...and then the second half happened. The Browns, led by Brian Hoyer and Ben Tate, dismantled the Titans in the second period; leaving the Titans scoreless and taking advantage of their ill-disciplined play.

Ken Whisenhunt did some great things early; getting Wright, Walker, and Sankey involved early, and utilizing Locker's legs as well as his arm to put the team well ahead. His play calling and decision making in the second half, however; leaves much to be desired. The decision to go for it on 4th down in friendly territory, the challenge that used a crucial timeout that the Titans needed in the closing moments, and the unimaginative series that left the Titans punting from their end-zone, only to give up a safety...

In the end, the Titans have only themselves to blame; an almost comically pitiful performance that only this team is capable of. They now join their rightful place among the worst teams in the league, at 1-4. The Browns found a way to win with what they had, and the Titans did everything in their power to blow it.

In case it's not already obvious, things are going to get much, much worse, before they get better...