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Lack of coaching consistency leads to a Titans loss.

What the Titans did (very) wrong this week.

Joe Robbins

So, everyone just witnessed the crushing loss against the Cleveland Browns at home, and before anyone screams for player changes, lets look at the coaches.

I am not going to get super technical here, because this situation doesn't really warrant that level of intellect. The Titans were up by 25 at one point after showing a commitment to jumbo packages (two TEs one of whom was Taylor Lewan) and running the ball at a pretty good clip.

However, after the Titans got whatever the opposite of a motivating halftime speech is, they came out and decided that the most efficient way to score and keep the lead was to pass the ball as often as they could...wait...that can't be right. Nope, I just checked again, that is actually what they did.

I don't think it is fair to second guess coaches during a game because they see things that most fans (even avid ones) don't, and they talk to the players and ask them what is working. However this is a situation where the solution to how to end the game was so blatantly obvious that the question deserves to be asked: what were they thinking?

The good thing about this game is that is showed that we still do have talented players on this roster. Justin Hunter had an exceptional catch and run on 3rd and 10 that moved the chains, and then put that play to shame with a 75 yard catch and run soon after.

Kendall Wright had his first two touchdown game of his career, including a nice post in the back of the endzone.

Bishop Sankey was good, yet again, despite limited use. He had a run of nine and a run of eight, but failed to get enough reps to really break through.

Delanie Walker and Nate Washington also looked back to their old form as reliable pass catchers.

Sammie Hill was a bright spot on the defense and got his hands up to deflect two passes, including one on fourth down that would have been a touchdown.

Jake Locker did look good, but also looked injured. I think fans might get there wish of more Mettenberger in the future if Locker can't stay healthy and Whitehurst continues to disappoint.