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Tennessee Titans fans should expect to see more of Sankey this week.

The rookie running back will likely get his chance on Sunday.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans need to get back to what they were known for most over the last decade: running.

Tennessee has a stable of running backs on the roster, but the most impressive this year by far has been Bishop Sankey. Right now the rookie is averaging over five yards per carry, and has been the only player on the team to consistently make people miss in open space.

If the Titans are serious about getting back to winning football, Whisenhunt needs to realize that their path to a "w" is by running the ball effectively. Tennessee has invested heavily in run blockers over the last two years in the additions of Brian Schwenke, Chance Warmack and Taylor Lewan.Those additions shouldn't be wasted, and the as a smart offensive play caller I expect that Whiz will identify that and make good use of them.

The Titans are averaging five yards per carry on the ground, so it isn't like they aren't having success there. The only issue is, will Whisenhunt realize that the primary back should be Sankey instead of Shonn Greene?

The Titans are facing a crossroads right now. If they go 1-4, they can pretty much guarantee that their slim playoff hopes will disappear. However, a 2-3 record could lead to some optimism under the right circumstances. One of those circumstances is that the Titans actually make Bishop Sankey the starting running back, and get back to a commitment to the running game.