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Saturday Links

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Joe Robbins

Sorry for missing yesterday, totally #Greenlaw'd# that one.

Should Bishop Sankey start at running back? We may see that very soon says Mike Keith.

Titans Online has 5 things to watch for Sunday's game. They include getting off to a fast start offensively and pressuring Brian Hoyer.

Whiz's Friday practice report can be found here.

Shawn Jefferson says that Justin Hunter reminds him of Calvin Johnson confidence wise. If he's 80% the player Calvin is, we will have struck gold. He needs to start producing ASAP though.

The Titans have a bunch of mellow guys and some fiery guys. Ruston doesn't think that is hurting them currently.

Are the Titan's tight? Whisenhunt says no, they are not and neither is he.

Cleveland has a healthy respect for Jurrell Casey and they should, he's a monster. Hopefully he shows that on Sunday.

Quote of the Day: "The sweetest of sounds is praise." -Xenophon