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Titans Midseason Report Card: Running Backs

The Tennessee Titans have reached the midpoint of their season. We now look at how the position groups have performed.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have invested pretty significant resources in their running back group.  They gave Shonn Greene way too much money in free agency two years ago because they had a short yardage problem with Chris Johnson.  They drafted Bishop Sankey in the second round.  Dexter McCluster got a nice free agency contract prior to this season.  They have not been paid back for those investments to this point.

The Statistics:

Shonn Greene: 45-191-1

Bishop Sankey: 75-302-1

Dexter McCluster: 24-76-0 and 16-136-0 receiving

Both Sankey and Greene are averaging at least 4 yards per carry. That's not fantastic, but it isn't terrible either. I thought the numbers were going to be worse that that.

The story is a little bit different with McCluster. He has not been effective in the role he was brought in to play. I don't know if that is because he hasn't been as good as we hoped he would be or because they haven't found ways to get him the ball effectively, but he hasn't put up the numbers they need him in order to justify that contract.

The Titans also need to run the ball more. They now have a rookie quarterback, and the best way to help him is to establish a run game that the opposing defense has to respect. That's not Ken Whisenhunt's style, but it needs to be with this group.

Anyway, with all of this being said, the running backs haven't been good, but they haven't necessarily been bad either. They get a C from me.

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