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Tennessee Titans News Links: Monitoring Effort

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky looks at where the Titans will be monitoring effort at. Special teams is where Whiz looks extensively.

Taylor Lewan makes a plea deal in his misdemeanor cases.

Is Jake Locker's Titan career over? Mike Keith thinks that only the pause button has been hit. I think that the stop button has been hit and it is over for him as a Titan.

The Titans are getting no value for their free agent bucks. Especially with last year's class.

Why do we suck? Because our drafts have sucked. Reinfeldt's especially. When you only have 2 players left from 2 of the classes, then you really really suck. As of now, the 2013 draft sucked too. The 2014 edition has been good so far, and could continue to get better if Jones, Huff, Mett, and Sankey all develop.

Quote of the Day: "Every hero becomes a bore at last." -Ralph Waldo Emerson