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Tennessee Titans News Links: Avery Williamson is the GOAT

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Avery Williamson has been awesome for the Titans this year and a silver lining all year long. He gets the midseason RDPOY for the Titans. I would agree with this. My offensive ROY would be Lewan, MVP would be Walker, OPOY would be Walker as well, and DPOY would be Casey. LVP be a tie between Levitre, Warmack, the OLB's pass rush, and Griffin.

Here are the top plays for the Titans heading into the bye week.

In the links yesterday I touched on this, but PAAAWL talks about the Titans' second year players and how they need to step it up.

What are the Titans thinking right now? Well Paul Kuharsky knows. EVERYTHING. Someone post the GIF.

Are the Titans taking on Ken Whisenhunt's personality? Delanie Walker doesn't think so. At least not yet.

Off Topic: Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series for the third time in 5 years. That is a very impressive feat.

Quote of the Day: "The pay is good and I can walk to work." -JFK