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Titans Midseason Report Cards: Quarterbacks

The Tennessee Titans have reached the midpoint of their season. We now look at how the position groups have performed.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I long for the day when there will be one quarterback to grade a midseason.  Even if that one quarterback gets a bad grade, it would be nice to get some consistency at the position.  The Titans haven't had one quarterback start all 16 games since Matt Hasselbeck did it back in 2011.  That last time it was done before that was Steve McNair in 2002.  That is not a recipe for success.

Here are the stats for the Titans quarterbacks in 2014:

Jake Locker: 65-112, 764, 4, 4

Charlie Whitehurst: 59-98, 764(weird, right?), 5, 2

Zach Mettenberger: 29-46, 316, 2, 2

Totals: 153-256, 1,844, 11, 8

That comes out to just over 230 yards per game passing- good (good is probably not the right word) for 23rd in the league.

We thought this offense was going to be high powered coming into the season.  How could it not be with guys like Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter and Nate Washington on the outside (more on their failures later in the series)?

Well, it hasn't been.  The offense has been unable to get anything done for most of the season.  There are plenty of factors that go into that, penalties, bad throws, dropped passes, etc., but even with all of that the quarterback play has not been good enough...but have no fear.....that will all change now that The MettShow has taken over....hopefully.

Grade: D

Vote for the grade you would give the quarterbacks in the poll.