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NFL Power Rankings 2014 Week 9: Who Cares?

Our weekly look at the NFL power rankings for the Tennessee Titans from around the web.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Power rankings really don't change that much from week to week for me at this point.  Half of the season has been played.  There will be a couple of teams that make a significant move one way or another before the end of the year, but most teams have shown us what they really are at this point.

And the Tennessee Titans have shown us that they are a really bad football team.

Here are this week's rankings:

1. Denver Broncos (LW:1)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (LW:2)

3. Detroit Lions (LW:4)

4. Green Bay Packers (LW:3)

5. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:8)

6. Seattle Seahawks (LW:5)

7. Arizona Cardinals (LW:9)

8. New England Patriots (LW:10)

9. San Diego Chargers (LW:6)

10. Indianapolis Colts (LW:9)

11. New Orleans Saints (LW:13)

12. Dallas Cowboys (LW:11)

13. San Francisco 49ers (LW:12)

14. Kansas City Chiefs (LW:16)

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:17)

16. Baltimore Ravens (LW:14)

17. Carolina Panthers (LW:15)

18. Miami Dolphins (LW:20)

19. Cleveland Browns (LW:21)

20. Atlanta Falcons (LW:18)

21. Chicago Bears (LW:19)

22. Buffalo Bills (LW:23)

23. New York Giants (LW:22)

24. Washington Redskins (LW:24)

25. Houston Texans (LW:25)

26. Minnesota Vikings (LW:26)

27. St. Louis Rams (LW:27)

28. New York Jets (LW:28)

29. Tennessee Titans (LW:29)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW:30)

31. Oakland Raiders (LW:31)

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW:32)

I will update the rankings for the Titans around the web as they come out.

ESPN: 28

Zach Mettenberger posted a 22.7 Total QBR in his first start. Mettenberger was 27-of-41 for 299 yards, two touchdowns, an interception and a free social media lesson from J.J. Watt.

SB Nation: 30

CBS: 28

The rest of the way is finding out about Zach Mettenberger. Can he do enough to show he's the long-term answer? 28

The Zach Mettenberger era has begun, and it appears that Jake Locker has possibly played his last football in Tennessee. The Met wasn't bad against Houston, but his shaggy selfie elicited more conversation in the NFL Network newsroom than his play. Yes, he does resemble Matthew McConaughey in "Dazed and Confused." So if he continues to play well, he'll get older ... and his receivers will stay the same age.