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Tennessee Titans News Links: Fun Police

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Watt and Ken Whisenhunt have something in common, they hate fun. Both of them also clearly take themselves too seriously. JJ Watt was upset because Mett posted a selfie before the game. Hey JJ, I looked at your twitter profile, and you yourself have a ton of selfies. So chill out. Whiz, Whiz, Whiz, you are way too worried about the hair on your Quarterback's head and him "representing the position." Focus on winning games, who cares what your QB looks like. It is stupid to be worrying about that, worry about winning games, not on the physical appearance of your players. Clearly he's wound too tight.

Dan LeBatard talks about Selfie-gate and JJ Watt's ridiculousness.

During the bye week the Titans are focused on working on the red zone and 3rd downs. That would be nice since we are the worst at 3rd down conversions.

Whiz is to blame for the penalties to a point. However, the players absolutely have to be smarter than that. Whiz isn't telling them to commit penalties.

Colin Cowherd talks about Mett's maturity.

Titans are really good at scoring just 16 points.

The Titans are also really good at playing defensive snaps, as they've played the most in the NFL. This is attributed to the lack of offense and also the crappiness of our defense.

Here's a look back at Mett's first career NFL start. Can't wait for Baltimore.

Quote of the Day: "Ambition never comes to an end." -Kenneth Kaunda