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Tennessee Titans: 99 Problems

Obviously there's been a lot of focus on the quarterback of the Tennessee Titans. But Sunday proved that may be the least of their concerns.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I've got 99 problems, and the QB is only one.

Playcalling.  Personnel.  Offensive line.  Insane investment in the offensive line.  Holding.  Lack of playmakers.  Lack of direction. Lack of adjustments.  Can't catch the ball.  Can't throw the ball.  Getting beat by Colt McCoy.  Penalties.  3rd down, 3rd down, 3rd down, 3rd down. Hands to the face.  1st and long.  Called back plays.  Sacks.  Lack of pressure.  Growing pains.  Coaching.  Drafting.  9 yard cushions on final drives.  Blitzes that never get home.  Ken Whisenhunt.  Injuries.  Lack of identity.  Andy Levitre.  Brian Schwenke.  Chance Warmack.  Michael Oher.  Why is Leon Washington doing anything other than return kicks?  Justin Hunter = Kenny Britt.  Receivers falling down.  Shoulder, hip, foot, wrist, thumb.  Home field for the other team (Monday night will be horrible).  Run blocking.  Bad angles.  Bad free agents.  Playing tight.  Lack of execution.  Lack of discipline.  Did I say penalties?

Well, I didn't get to 99, but I'm sure it's possible.

So here's the question, how hard is it going to be to judge Zach Mettenberger with this strong of a supporting cast around him.  With the complete failure of both the players on the field and the coaching staff to adapt to said players, it may prove difficult to find out what you have in Mettenberger in the second half of the year.  Is it fair to even judge a rookie QB on this team?  Hopefully he's so good he can elevate the play of those around him, but as we've seen up to this point, that's a very tall order.