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Akeem Ayers Leaves the Titans; Becomes a Pro Bowler

It doesn't take that much thought to figure out why the Titans are bad.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans had Akeem Ayers on their roster for almost four years after spending a 2nd round draft pick on him.  In those 4 years he had 3ish defensive coordinators (Jerry Gray, Gregg Williams, Ray Horton), but none of them could figure out how to use him effectively.

Last week the Titans trade him to the Patriots (when was the last time someone got the better end of a trade with the Patriots?, but I digress....).  Anyway, here is what he did in his first game with the Patriots after spending less than a week on their roster (from Doug Kyed of NESN):

Ayers already looks like a great value for what the Patriots forfeited for his talents after recording a sack, quarterback hit and three hurries against the Chicago Bears in New England’s 51-23 win. Ayers primarily lined up on the edge after spending just four days with the Patriots before making his debut.

So, in theory, the Titans and the Patriots are running similar defenses.  How in the world could Ray Horton not figure out a way to get this guy on the field to rush the passer?  I guess it is because the Titans other outside linebackers are so good at getting pressure....

The article from Kyed goes on to talk about Ayers playing special teams for the Patriots yesterday.  One of the reasons Ken Whisenhunt gave for the Titans not having Ayers active on game day is because he didn't contribute on special teams.  Guess the Patriots figured that one out as well.....

There are smart franchises and stupid franchises.  The Titans have been a stupid franchise for a long time now, and it sucks.

To make things worse, Chris Wessling of NFL Network fired off this tweet this morning:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Who had a better week than Akeem Ayers? Goes from banishment in NFL&#39;s Siberia to sacking Cutler and escorting Ninkovich TD in a blowout win.</p>&mdash; Chris Wesseling (@ChrisWesseling) <a href="">October 27, 2014</a></blockquote>

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That makes me angry, but only because the truth hurts.