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Titans 16 Texans 30, Quick Recap

We lost. Again

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans, put together another lack luster effort together today. Despite the Mettshow occurring, the Titans still got blown out. And there is plenty of blame to go around. The defense, while they played well the first couple drives, stunk it up, and at one point allowed the Texans to score on 6 of 7 drives. That is pitiful.

Some bright spots included Avery Williamson, who was very good and all over the field today, making plays against the run and in the passing game as well. Mett was a bright spot at times too, with a 48 yard strike to Kendall Wright. He showed good pocket presence for much of the day, only taking one real sack (the other was a BS strip sack, that should have actually been ruled an incomplete pass). Mett did a great job of navigating the pocket, and that is something he can work on. In the first half, there were definitely some nerves at work as he was a bit scattershot, and the WRs certainly didn't help out much of the game.

BWW had an up and down game as he was matched up against Nuke Hopkins throughout the game. He's improving steadily which is great to see. I also enjoyed Marqueston Huff getting the start. Last thing for the recap is the use of Leon Washington. Not sure why that keeps happening, on third down, or ever, but it does.