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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rise of Globo Gym Purple Cobra

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Kevin C. Cox

Mett is the new starter of the Titans and Noles did a scouting report on him before he was drafted. Seems like a good time to revisit that.

Mett seems like the kind of guy who would make these types of goofy videos.

Taylor Lewan is a great interview. He talks about going up against Clowney and Watt and jokes about how if they get a couple sacks, it might put the rookie QB in his place a little bit.

Ray Horton says that Wilson just didn't think he could handle the guy on the last drive on Sunday.

A savage is what Mett was described as by his buddy Lewan. They both have tons of personality which is great for this team.

Mett will also be Ben Stiller from Dodgeball for Halloween.

PK says that the TItans need to rally around Mett. Truer words have probably not been spoken.

Interesting note that the Titans ranked Mett at least 60 spots higher than where they picked him in the draft.

Brian Schwenke talks about the QB change.

Offensive coordinator, Jason Michael, talks about Mettenberger becoming the starter. Wyatt is wearing quite the outfit

Ask Mike has questions upon questions about Mett.

Mett talks about it becoming his team. His mindset is great and he has that arrogance that you want.

Locker talks about becoming the best teammate he can be. Love Jake, and I wish him the best.

If you don't want to watch all the videos, here are the highlights.

Whiz's presser from Thursday.

Quote of the Day: "The hair is feathered and lethal for Sundays game cotton!!"-Zach Mettenberger