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NFL Trade Rumors: Wesley Woodyard On The Block

Another Titans joins the trade talks.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Per NFL Insiders, Titans inside linebacker Wesley Woodyard, who joined the team only this past summer, is joining Michael Griffin and Nate Washington on the trading block. This one is a little more surprising. Webster brought in Woodyard over the offseason to shore up an inside linebacker position with a lot of question marks. He was among the best inside backers the Titans had over the first few games, but his lack of ability to effectively play down hill against the run has since been exposed.

In the end of the day, a trade doesn't make a ton of sense. He has a sensible contract, and is best used as a sub package player anyway (the way he was used in Denver). This would be an all time record on the time it took GM Ruston Webster to make a signing, and then move on from it. Seven weeks.

It remains to be seen if these rumors amount to anything, but where there's smoke...