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NFL Trade Rumors: Michael Griffin Also Being Shopped

The trade winds continue to blow in Tennessee.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Washington isn't the only Titan with his name on the block. Apparently FS Michael Griffin is also being shopped by the team, and there are multiple franchises interested. Griffin has been a lightning rod of sorts for Titans fans since his rookie year. Much maligned over the past seasons, Griffin seemed to be climbing back to form last season, but has since stumbled in 2014. Add to the matter the burden of an untenable contract and you can see why the Titans are considering cutting him loose.The team is obviously entering the realization that it is in a rebuilding phase, and building with younger, cheaper talent only makes sense at this point if the team doesn't plan to bring the vets like Griffin back after their deals come to an end. Getting something for them now is better than getting nothing later, right?

In an evening when the Titans broke the news of Zach Mettenberger's elevation to QB1, it's clear now where the Titans are headed; even if it is also clear that it may be a good while before this team is truly competitive again.