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Report: Rift Between Jake Locker and Ken Whisenhunt Since After Browns Game

There is a report that Ken Whisenhunt hasn't talked to Jake Locker since team meeting after the Titans played the Browns.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So it turns out tat Paul Gallant was right about the Tennessee Titans starting Zach Mettenberger on Sunday.  I, like many others, was skeptical of his report.  My apologies to him for that (he will certainly sleep better tonight now that I have apologized to him).

Gallant said tonight on this radio show that there has been a rift between Jake Locker and Ken Whisenhunt dating back to the days after the Browns game. In fact, Gallant says that Whiz hasn't talked to Locker since that game. The audio linked there also says that Locker told someone that Whisenhunt was handling the situation like a man.

I don't know what to believe in all of this, but it is pretty dumb if Whisenhunt didn't speak to Locker.

Locker is scheduled to talk to the media tomorrow. I would like to think that we will learn something from that, but Locker will no doubt take the high road no matter how this situation has gone down. Coming out and saying that Whiz didn't handle the situation like a man wouldn't do anything positive for Locker. At this point everything Locker does in an audition for the rest of the league. Plus, Jake has never been anything put a pro.

Stay tuned.