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NFL Trade Rumors: Nate Washington Drawing Interest

The Titans stalwart may be shipping out.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

A rather uneventful evening in Titans land heated up quickly, when this report came out.

The news first broke from Ian Rappoport, and it comes on the eve of the trade deadline for NFL clubs. So far there are a supposed 5 teams interested in acquiring the savvy veteran. Washington has earned the respect of Titans fans since joining the team from Pittsburgh in 2009. He has been a consistent producer and a leader, especially when this team has had a dearth of them in the years since he was signed by the franchise. While he's not his young self at this point, he's still a very valuable, and arguably, under utilized guy.

Personally, I am not surprised he has attracted attention. With the Titans going nowhere fast, there may be value for Tennessee in letting a guy go who they may not plan to re-sign. That said, I would be sad to see Nate go. He's been a very solid player for a long time, and would be missed on the field in Nashville, as well as on the sidelines.