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Tennessee Titans News Links: Arrow Pointing Down

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are losing games, but also looking less and less impressive on offense.

JJ Watt is coming, and I'm not even sure how we are going to cope with that on offense. Lewan has been the only competent player on our line, and Wright and Walker the only two guys showing up in the passing game. Sankey has been fine, but we need more from the running game.

Is the offensive line trying to do too much?

Former 2nd round pick was shipped out with a 7th rounder for the Patriots 6th rounder.

Titans did a good job to get something for Ayers, who was a healthy scratch much of the game.

Here are Titans Online's top 5 quotes from Monday's press conference with coach.

Colts still lead the division, we are still in 3rd, and only one game out of last place.

Welcome Antonio Andrews to the 53 man roster. We have waived Brackett to make room for him.

Quote of the Day: "Get your facts first, then distort them as you please." -Mark Twain