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The Titans Season Summed Up In One Play

If you haven't seen a Tennessee Titans game all year, watch this one play and it will tell you all you need to know.

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans season has been a disaster.  It has been a combination of funny, frustrating and the same old things over and over all year.  We saw all of that in this play from one play in Sunday's game.

Let me set the stage for you:

The Redskins entered the game with the Titans playing their back-up quarterback, Kirk Cousins.  He was so bad in the first half that he was benched in the favor of Colt McCoy.  Colt. McCoy.  That same Colt McCoy who isn't good and has no arm to throw the ball down the field.  That should have been a huge advantage for the Titans.

However, on the second play that McCoy was in there, this happened:

So on that play you have Blidi Wreh-Wilson doing a little break dance (funny). It seems to me that he got stuck thinking again and not reacting to make a play (frustrating). Then you see Michael Griffin get faked out/take a bad angle/or something like that (same old things) as Garcon runs down the side line for a 70-yard touchdown.

The Titans had an opportunity to put a bad team with a bad quarterback away and get a much needed win. However, two of their starting defensive backs look absolutely ridiculous on the same play and a 5 yard completion turns into a 70-yard touchdown. That has been the story of this season and the past 5-10 seasons.

Ken Whisenhunt was brought in to change that. He gets a big fat FAIL on that task so far. It is not time to call it a bad hire, but it sure would be nice to see this team not look ridiculous for a period of time.

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