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Where do the Titans go from here?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We are just 7 weeks into the NFL season, and it is already a disaster for the Titans.  There was promise at the beginning of the year.  Seven weeks later there is nothing but a big bucket of fail.  Ken Whisenhunt is overseeing a team that just doesn't do anything well- not. one. single. thing.

This is worse than last year.  Whiz has been a disaster.  Why he can't figure out to run the ball with a 20+ point lead and that you still need to throw it when the lead is less than three is beyond me.  He is supposed to be this play calling genius.  His play calling isn't terrible over all, they have an execution problem a lot of the time, but he has no idea how to manage a lead.

There are going to be a lot of argument in the coming weeks about who should be playing quarterback.  Jake Locker will start this week against the Texans, and probably at least a couple of games after the bye (assuming he is healthy which is a ridiculously huge assumption).  That is what they will do, but that is not what they should do.

What they should do is give Zach Mettenberger the reigns after the bye.  I understand why he hasn't played to this point, but it is time now.  Locker is not your quarterback in 2015.  Charlie Whitehurst is not a starting QB in this league.  There is really no point in running him out there again.

You need to know if Mett can play, and you better pray that he can.  This team has more holes than any of us want to admit.  They need a pass rusher, a corner, and two safeties before next year starts, and that just covers the needs on defense.  You need to be able to get a stud at one of those positions, and the only way to do that is in the first round of the draft.

That means you cannot spend that pick on a quarterback, and you definitely cannot afford to to package a bunch of picks and move up and get a guy.  You simply have too many needs to do that.

This season is a disaster.  The only thing that can save it at this point is for Mettenberger to get out there and show some promise.  That project needs to start in Baltimore after the bye.