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Tennessee Titans News Links: Alternate Ending

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we almost lost on a last second FG by the Jaguars. This week we made sure that we lost. There was no blocking Kai Forbath's FG with 3 seconds left as the Titans fell to the Redskins, in what should have been a very winnable game.

Titans collapse in closing minutes is the headline of this article, same headline could have been written the last couple weeks for this team.

The Titans are now 2-5, and despite what some fans may think, the season is pretty much over in terms of playoffs. Jake Locker will not be the QB in 2015, and so it is time for us to see what we have in Zach Mettenberger. The longer a look we have, the better. If we win games with him, great, if not, Marcus Mariota will be waiting for us at the end of the year.

We got beat by Colt McCoy, this is not a good football team.

Yeah Charlie got sacked a bunch, but it was more of his inability to get rid of the ball than the offensive line's fault.

Penalties were just part of the reason we lost yesterday. Every offensive lineman minus Lewan was penalized at least once.

Top 5 worst team in the NFL, and I'm not sure when we play the Jags again, that we will win.

Michael Griffin says that there are no excuses. Darn right.

Don't confuse bad football with bad luck says Climer.

Quote of the Day: "Courage is grace under pressure." -Ernest Hemmingway