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Titans vs Browns: 3 Critical Matchups

Taking a look at some of the important match-ups in the upcoming Cleveland game.

Matt Sullivan

The Tennessee Titans have plenty to clean up heading into their next tilt, this one against the Cleveland Browns. In past years, this may have been a game you looked at as an easy "W", but nothing can be taken for granted with the Titans play of late.

1. Miles Austin, WR vs Coty Sensabaugh, CB

While Miles Austin may lack some of the flash that made him a household name while in Dallas, he has been playing well for the Browns this season. The Titans, on the other hand, have Blidi Wreh-Wilson out with a concussion. Whether that's a good or bad thing is yet to be seen. Either way, Coty Sensabaugh now steps up into the CB2 role, and will have his hands full with Austin. Sensabaugh is comfortable with shifty receivers having played in the slot for the majority of his pro snaps, but Austin can also carry the deep route if you sleep on him.

2. Jordan Cameron, TE vs Wesley Woodyard, ILB

Cameron is one of the most athletic pass catching tight ends in football, and he will definitely be a common target for Brian Hoyer. Cameron is big and strong, and will present matchup problems with the Titans linebackers like Wesley Woodyard. While Woodyard is typically a guy you are comfortable with in coverage due to his rangy attributes, there are few defensive players well suited to take on a tight end of Cameron's caliber week in week out. Just look at the difficult teams have covering the likes of Jimmy Graham. This is a match-up that could well determine if the Titans can get off the field on third down.

3. Jake Locker, QB vs Himself

Time for some theoretical reflection. Locker has shown both the highs and lows of his skill set, and is coming back into the lineup this week following a wrist injury he suffered in Cincinnati. Many of the mistakes he's made have been mental ones where the game simply looks too fast for him, and his fundamentals break down. If Jake can stay composed and be careful with the football, the Titans will have a shot at taking home a win Sunday. If he goes out and plays like he did vs the Bengals, it will be close to impossible for the team to do the same.