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Quarter Poll: How Have the Titans Compared to Your Preseason Expectations?

A look at where the Titans are after the first quarter of the season compared to where you thought they would be.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Try for a minute to take your mind back to where it was before the Titans ever went to Kansas City.  You knew that they would be playing 3 of the first 4 on the road against 3 teams that made the playoffs in 2013.  How did you think those games would turn out?  What did you think the Titans record would be at the end of the first quarter?

For me, the record is about what I expected.  I thought the Titans had a chance to start 2-2, but realistically, that was best case scenario.  They were learning a new system on both sides of the ball, and the schedule didn't really let them ease in.  I thought it would take a while.  However, I did expect them to be competitive in their losses- which they have not been.  I also expected the offense to look a lot better than it has.

I have to say that they have not been as good as I thought they would be in the first quarter of the season.  The record isn't far off from where I thought it would be, but the blowout losses and the anemic offense are a bit surprising.

Those are my thoughts. Vote in the poll and leave any thoughts you have in the comments.