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Tennessee Titans: Jake Locker, the Cleveland Browns, and Dowell Loggains

Could Dowell Loggains be the key to Jake Locker's demise?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Follow me for a second on sensationalistic post.

There's no secret that Jake Locker has struggled recently.  This is a "prove it" year for the new staff and the leash is getting shorter, quicker, as his play has regressed.  If anyone needs a bounce back game this week, it's Jake Locker.

Many of Locker's ailments in the past were attributed to the offensive scheme implemented by ex-coordinator Chris Palmer.  Locker's quarterback coach Dowell Loggains then took over after Palmer was relieved of his duties under Mike Munchak.

Loggains is responsible for Jake Locker's best stretch of games that started off the 2013 season.  Locker was playing well and the offensive system he had designed for him worked.  I would venture to say that there's no one else in the league that knows Jake Locker, and what he can and can't do, better than Dowell Loggains.

Dowell Loggains is now the quarterbacks coach for the Browns.

From an interview with Mike Pettine, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, on Jake Locker.

We're very familiar with him, because we have Dowell Loggains here, who worked closely with him in his time in Tennessee.

With the Browns having extra time with a bye-week, I wonder how much time Loggains spent with defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil.  Dowell surely know how to complicate things for Jake Locker and what he has a hard time sifting through.

Will Locker be felled by his once closest mentor?  Will Whisenhunt be one step ahead of this and out think the defensive scheme and keep Locker comfortable.  Does any of this even matter?  We'll see on Sunday.