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Final Score: Titans 17 Redskins 19 - Quick Recap

The Redskins proved too much for the Titans in the end.

Larry French

The Tennessee Titans are still finding ways to lose. After getting the go-ahead score in the 4th on a deep throw to Derek Hagan, they allow the Redskins to methodically march up the field and bleed out the entire clock before kicking the game winning kick from a few yards out.

The Titans missed some opportunities in the first half on both sides of the ball, but it was the offense that had the rougher go of it. It was a comedy of errors at times, but somehow the Titans defense was able to keep them in the game all the way through until the final drive. They played well against the run, halting any big plays. But the occasional pass got by them, one by DeSean Jackson (2 if you count the PI on the last drive), and one that went for a huge score by Pierre Garcon, of whom Blidi Wreh-Wilson misjudged horribly.

Kendall Wright played very well, as did many of the young players. Lewan's was one of few offensive line performances to remember, with Whitehurst constantly under pressure from the Redskins D. On defense, Daimion Stafford and Avery Williamson again played well. But these small positives mattered little with the offense sputtering for most of the day.

Again it was the Titans decision, nursing only a one point lead with 4:30 to go, to call three run plays in a row to try and run down the clock, far too early for such measures. They paid the price as well, and a re-invigorated Redskins passing attack led by Colt McCoy rolled over them in the final minutes.

The Titans now drop to 2-5,  with the tough task of trying to grab a win against the Texans before heading into their Bye week. So much for getting to 4-4...