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Titans vs Redskins: The kids are alright

Good things to take from the game today.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Today was a terrible game to watch no matter which team you were a fan of. Whether it was trading interceptions, dropped passes, or predominantly bad QB play, this was a rough one.

However, Titans fans can take solace in the fact that their "big three" rookies looked very good.

Taylor Lewan

Lewan was a wall again today in the passing game. Is ability to move defenders past their landmarks, and then stone them completely on the next play is becoming more and more impressive as he goes against better opponents. However, unlike most left tackles, he has the ability to power open holes in the running game, which is a rare trait.

On the touchdown the Titans had to go up 17-16, Lewan punches his defender three times, the last of which is so hard that it knocks the defender to his knees. Look this up now if you want to see exactly how good he has been so far this year.

Lewan looks very good in the early going of the season, and if he can do anything similar to this in a week against the Texans, the Titans may have found a steal.

Bishop Sankey

Don't be confused by the box score (12 rushes, 51 yards) he did most of this after dodging initial contact allowed by Levitre, and he also had a nice 15-yard run negated by a hold from...well Levitre. Sankey looks great in space and he has the vision, burst, balance, and patience that the Titans need in a premier running back.

Avery Williamson

Williamson was great in run defense and showed great awareness on an INT/fumble recovery that put the Titans in great position to put points on the board. Williamson looks like he may turn out to be the solution to the Titans SILB woes, and his increasing role in the offense is encouraging.

Another thing that pops out is how much Williamson reminds me of a healthy Colin McCarthy. By that I mean that he is always right around where the action happens whether that means being in a passing lane or making a big play like he did on the aforementioned turnover.