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A Fantasy Football Discussion: Streaming Defenses

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I have a question: How do you approach your defense on your fantasy football team?  I have always been of the belief that you draft a defense and a kicker in the last 2 rounds of a draft- no exceptions.  The reason for that is most defenses end up being about the same at the end of the year.  There will always be one or two really good ones, but for the most part the point differential between them and all of the ones in the middle isn't worth an earlier round investment in a draft.

It is also usually pretty easy to "stream" your defense each week- meaning pick up a defense that has a good match-up every week.  So you are essentially playing a different defense each week.

For some reason it seems like that has been tougher this year than normal.  Sure, you can pick up the defense that is playing the Jaguars each week and assure yourself a pretty good point total, but there are 3 other guys in your league trying to do that.  There is also the weeks where the Jags play a defense that is already owned in your league.

Anyway, I was just wondering if you implore a similar strategy, and if you do, does it seem like that has been tougher to pull off successfully this year....or am I just crazy?