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The (logical) argument you don't want to hear from other Titans fans

What you might be thinking in the back of your head.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk this week about the Titans digging themselves out of trouble and getting to 4-4. While that could very easily happen, this is why the Titans fans need to hold back hope for now.

The argument

The Titans have lost four games at this point, but they lost against very good teams. The combined record of the teams that the Titans have lost to is 15-6-1. That is an average of a a 70% winning rate, which is very high. Two of these teams the Titans played on the road, and the other two were piloted by teams with the best offensive lines in the league.

The Titans are finding ways to get Justin Hunter involved and have started letting their young players play a bigger role in the offense. As long as the Titans remember to feed Delanie Walker and can move the ball on the ground, the issues at QB shouldn't be a season-ending issues.

Why you should be hesitant

The Titans have played some good teams, but they have been trounced by them. The Titans are currently at a -49 point differential, which is tied for the fifth-worth in the league. The Titans are definitely experiencing growing pains from the coaching overhaul, but there are also huge gaps in personnel. The Titans lack a starting quality ILB, LG, 2nd CB, or pass rushing OLB, not to mention the issues at QB.

The Titans do get the benefit of facing five more bad teams (Jacksonville, NYG, NYJ, Washington, and Houston (in Tennessee). But can the Titans really win the tough games like the Steelers and Indianapolis both at home? I don't see the Titans winning those types of games.

If the Titans manage to beat Washington and Houston, then there should be some optimism heading into a bye week where they will be given extra time to prepare for an up-and-down Baltimore Ravens team. If they fail to reach that mark though, they will need to win seven of their last eight games and that just doesn't seem possible.