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What Titans scouts should be looking for in West Virginia

Titans scouts are in West Virginia, what could they see?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have scouts attending the Baylor/West Virgina game, supposedly to see Bryce Petty. While he may be the reason they made the trip, it is another players that deserves their attention.

Kevin White WR, WVU

Amari Cooper is a great wide receiver for Alabama, and is probably the best receiver in the nation. However, the most underrated receiver in the nation is Kevin White. White entered this game as the NCAA leader in receiving yards with 888,  and has been a constant threat despite getting extra attention.

White is a 6'3" receiver that is being mocked in the late first round in most early NFL Draft mocks, but is the type of player that could slip to the top of the second round.

White's ability to make leaping catches is similar to what Justin Hunter did during his time at Tennessee. While White doesn't have top end speed, and really isn't a consistent route runner, his ability to win at the catch point is impressive.

With Nate Washington running on fumes, and the Titans lacking any sort of depth behind the big three, WR is an underrated need for the Titans in the 2015 season. If the Titans can find their QB in round one (or on the bench if Mett happens to pan out) then giving him a full arsenal to work with is a smart idea.