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Titans scouting Baylor QB Bryce Petty today

Ronald Martinez

The Titans will have a scout(s) watching Baylor QB Bryce Petty today according to Chase Goodbread of

Petty is 6-3 230.  That is the mold of quarterback that Ken Whisenhunt likes.  Petty puts up some ridiculous numbers in that Baylor offense.  Just last week he threw for 510 yards and 6 touchdowns against TCU.

Of course he plays in an offense that makes it hard to project him at the NFL level.  That evaluation is left for people that are a lot smarter than me.

My hope is that this is irrelevant because Zach Mettenberger proves to Whiz and company that he is the guy they can count on going forward.  That frees up the first round pick for a pass rusher.