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Between The Posts: The Struggle

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans enter this coming weekend needing a win against the Redskins, and then a second consecutive against Houston, before heading into their BYE. That would put them at .500, and give them a shot to claw their way back in the AFC South.

While we are obviously not expecting an improbably playoff run, these guys will play hard every week and try to develop something to build on in future years. There are things to look forward to, after all. Delanie Walker is having a career year, Jurrell Casey in on pace to break double digit sacks again, and the Titans running back corps is rounding into shape. Throw in the budding play of Avery Williamson at ILB and the opportunities given to second year safety Daimion Stafford, and this team has some nice players to build on.

How has your opinion of this team changed since the season began? And who are your favorite young players so far in 2014?