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The Ruston Webster timeline

A look at what Webster has done in his time as GM.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't the time to be calling for anyone's job yet, but Ruston Webster should definitely be feeling the heat on his seat.This is a timeline of where Webster has hit and where he has missed during his tenure as a GM.


-Webster elevated to the GM position.

-Drafted: Kendall Wright (hit), Zach Brown (?), Mike Martin (?), Coty Sensabaugh (hit for his work as a slot CB), Taylor Thompson (? because he hasn't produced in season), Markelle Martin (miss), Scott Solomon (miss).

-Overall an average draft from Webster. Usually a team counts on three starters in the draft and the Titans got two starters and two role players.

-Signed: Steve Hutchinson (miss), Zac Diles (miss), Jordan Babineaux (miss), Dave Ball (hit), Patrick Bailey (hit), Michael Griffin (?), Tim Shaw (hit), Kamerion Wimbley (miss).

-There is a lot of misses on that list. Players like Wimbley and Hutchinson were supposed to bring a veteran presence to the team, but neither ever really impacted the roster. Special teams hits on players like Bailey and Shaw were great, but at the end of the day they were still just special teams players.


-Drafted: Chance Warmack (?), Justin Hunter (?), Blidi Wreh-Wilson (miss), Zaviar Gooden (miss), Brian Schwenke (?), Lavar Edwards (miss), Khalid Wooten (?), Damion Stafford (?)

-It is hard to judge this class after 21 games, but there are some clear misses. BWW looks completely out of position in the NFL, Zaviar Gooden was always a player who ran like Zach Brown in college but never really made the impact that you look for, and Edwards has been traded. Warmack and Hunter have a chance to be very good, but the fact that they haven't made that leap yet is discouraging. When you pick that high (or trade up for a player in Hunter's case), you need to make an instant impact.

-Signed: Andy Levitre (miss), Delanie Walker (hit), Quinn Johnson (miss), Shonn Greene (?), Sammie Lee Hill (hit), Moise Fokou (miss), Darius Reynaud (miss), Bernard Pollard (hit), Ropati Pitoitua (hit), Ryan Fitzpatrick (miss), Rob Turner (miss).

-While Webster signed a stud in Delanie Walker, and some good role players in Pollard, RoPo, and Sammie Lee Hill, the misses on this board have cost this team a lot. Levitre is overpaid and is the weakest link on the Titans OL by far. Shonn Greene is a borderline miss, but his ability to get decent gains as a short yardage back keep him as a middling player. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Moise Fokou led their sides of the ball the wrong way in 2013.


-Overall Webster has done a decent job drafting, but his free agent signings have been awful. The Titans seem to miss twice for every hit they get, and that doesn't translate to success in the NFL. If the Titans are going to turn their franchise around, they may need to bring in someone that knows when a free agent is worth the money, or when they are about to get "Levitre'd"