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Titans need to stop being short sighted

What the Titans should do for long term success.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans shouldn't give up on this season, but there are a lot of things that they could do to both potentially win now and build for the future. These are the three things that make too much sense to ignore at this point.

Bishop Sankey needs to start

With Shonn Greene nursing a hamstring injury, this could be the week that the Titans finally realize that Sankey needs to be the starting running back. Greene has routinely made poor mistakes that show off his lack of vision and burst. These plays have left the Titans in 2nd and long and set them up to fail.

Sankey however has shown that every time he gets in he has the ability to make chunk plays. Sankey's combination of shiftiness, vision, speed, and balance make him the ideal back to get the majority of the carries going forward.

Avery Williamson has to play the other inside backer position.

Williamson is the only linebacker that the Titans have that can actually put his nose in against the run and make a stop. The other linebackers are all more suited to play WLB in a 4-3 scheme, and the Titans issues with the running game demand that they leave Williamson in to solidify their defense in the middle.

Mettenberger needs to see some time, and by some I mean around 10 games.

The Titans know that they don't have the future in Jake Locker due to his injuries. Charlie Whitehurst has also been good when given time, and many writers say that the Titans need to keep playing him. However, that makes sense if the Titans need to win one game to get into the playoffs, but not if they are trying to win consistently over the next season.

Whitehurst is a decent backup, but the Titans need to find out what they have in Mettenberger before moving on in the 2015 draft. Worst case scenario, Mettenberger bombs and the Titans draft a quarterback high. Best case, Mettenberger shows that he is a starting quality player that the Titans can build a team around.