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NFL Week 6 Picks: Who the experts are taking in Jaguars vs. Titans

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans meet for the first time this season Sunday at L.P. Field.

Stacy Revere

This is a big game for both of these teams.  It probably won't mean anything in terms of the playoffs for either team, but the team that loses is going to have a really long week.  Let's hope that is not the Titans.

The Titans are a 6 point favorite in this game.  That should make me feel good about it, but it really doesn't at all.  I have seen the Titans lose this game too many times.  It also doesn't bode well that they have so many injuries.

Now to the experts: has 13 people that pick games and a fan vote.  The fans voted Titans, as did 9 of the 13 people that picked.  The holdouts were Mike Golic, some guy I have never heard of, Meshawn, and Mike Ditka.  Remember when the whole panel picked the Titans to beat the Cowboys? Those were the days.

Here at SB Nation 4 of the 7 people that picked took the Titans.  Joel Thorman did not.  You would think he would after the beating the Titans put on his Chiefs in week 1.  That seems like so long ago.

Yahoo! has 2 users and the fans pick.  All 3 went Titans.  That can't mean anything good...

The experts over at FOX Sports are also all in on the Titans.

So there you have.  The majority of the "experts" on the internet are expecting the Titans to win this game.  You better take a long look at that because it might be a while before that is the case again.