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Jake Locker Injury Update: Titans QB Listed as Questionable

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Locker didn't practice for the third straight day.  It is looking like he is a long-shot to play on Sunday.  Jim Wyatt said on Twitter today that he expects Charlie Whitehurst to start against the Jaguars.  I asked Wyatt if he would throw his beloved Dodgers visor out if Locker starts, he said he would do that 2 weeks ago, and he responded that he would also throw out his car.  That is really all you need to know.

The Titans were also without Shonn Greene, Taylor Thompson and Craig Stevens during the open portion of practice.  Coty Sensabaugh didn't practice, but he was doing work on the side.  Stevens will be listed as out for Sunday.  Greene is doubtful, and Locker, Thompson and Sensabaugh are questionable.  My guess is that it will be a long shot for pretty much any of those guys to play.