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Between The Posts: Quarterback Lottery?

Your nightly OT open thread.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It was recently proposed to me by one of my co-writers, Mr. Harris, that the NFL is, in the end of the day, a Quarterback lottery. You may become a semi-competitive fringe team with amazing defense and some solid pieces, but you won't be an annual competitor unless you hit on the ever-difficult process of finding a franchise passer. The rest is simply attempting to win without one, which has proven close to impossible year after year (in the absence of such a QB). It struck me as an argument with merit, logic, and, despite a few outliers (every theory has them), the air of truth.

Where the Titans are in this scenario is obvious. As far as winning goes, they are in neither boat. Answering the fundamental QB conundrum will be paramount to any success this team is going to have down the road.

How do you see the NFL? A "Quarterback Lottery", or not? Personally, I find it difficult to argue with. I'll leave the thread open as usual for off-topic debate and discussion.