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Tennessee Titans: Why?

Our weekly look into the queries behind the Titans.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I'm only going to focus on two issues this week as the team has yet to find an answer to anything previously.  First is an actual game question:

Why not go for it on 4th and 3 inside Colts territory? - The score was 20-10  although it felt much worse than that.  The Titans had just scored before the half and were driving the ball coming out in the second.  At no point in time has the defense shown that they could slow down Andrew Luck and the Colts' passing attack.  Maybe you can steal some momentum here and keep things moving for your team.  A net 30 yards in field position means nothing at this point in the game.  If Whisenhunt actually thought the Titans were going to pin the Colts back, force a punt and get the ball back with good field position and a fresh set of downs, then he wasn't watching the game.  Instead the Titans punted and gave up a 91 yard drive to put the game out of reach.

The second question this week focuses on a bigger theme.

Why did Bishop Sankey not touch the ball until the second half? - If this continues into next week, then the fans should sue for coaching malpractice.  Greene hasn't been bad by any stretch, but the running back by committee approach is wearing thin.  This staff had their pick of any running back in the entire draft and they took Bishop Sankey.  He has to be a weapon you use on the field.  Leon Washington should only return kicks and McCluster can still be worked in on screens and to create mismatches.  But Sankey is the most explosive back the Titans have regardless of his footwork on the way to the hand-off.

That's it for this week.  Much like the offensive plan going forward, hopefully less is more.