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Titans coaching search: Why Dan Quinn?

Per La Canfora, it is likely that one of the two Seattle coordinators will be Tennessee's next head coach. We've all heard about Bevell, but Quinn's name is a little more obscure to casual fans. Why is he being mentioned in NFL coaching circles this offseason?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Per Jason La Canfora (so take this with a grain of salt), the Titans are extremely interested in both Seattle coordinators for their Head Coaching gig. According to him, Quinn is actually the frontrunner to replace Mike Munchak in Tennessee.

After doing a great job with Seattle's D-line under Jim Mora, Quinn expanded his resume by coaching the D-lines of the 49ers, Dolphins, and Jets from 2003 - 2008. Quinn then went to the University of Florida as the Defensive Coordinator where he helped run a top Gators defense for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

His return to Seattle, this time at DC, was impressive to say the least. Quinn replaced Gus Bradley and led the defense to increased heights this past year. His unit ended the regular season ranked 1st in scoring defense, yards against, passing defense, turnovers forced, and interceptions. He is also credited with moving Red Bryant around on that D line to get the most out of him, and that has been a great success as well. The Titans are said to be very high on both Seattle coordinators, and the Webster-Seattle ties only intensify that link. Let's hope the Titans go with Quinn or Bevell when all is said and done. Most Seattle experts expect to lose both coordinators this year, and Carrol will be forced to bring in two new guys for his Seahawks team for the first time in his four year stint.

In addition, Quinn has had a bevy of success coaching particular players: that list included Chris Clemons (11 sacks under Quinnin 2010), Patrick Kerney (whom he coached during two pro bowl appearances), Shaun Ellis and Kris Jenkins (while with the Jets, both pro bowlers under Quinn), and even Jason Taylor (In Miami 2005 and 2006, during which he produced 25.5 sacks, both pro bowl years).

After perusing the candidates available this season, Titans fans should be excited about who Webster and Tommy Smith are targeting (aside from Caldwell and Whisenhunt that is). And like I said before, I have warmed to the idea of adding a defensive guy like Zimmer, and now Quinn.

Updates to follow. Stay tuned Titans Nation.