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On Chris Johnson not being used correctly

Jim Wyatt got an excellent interview with Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson. We take a closer look at the things CJ had to say.

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Wesley Hitt

Jim Wyatt spent some time with Chris Johnson. You can read the article here. Here are my comments about CJ's comments about this past season with the Titans. (all quotes pulled from Wyatt's article)

"I feel like if they are not going to use me the way I am supposed to be used and let me be the horse, then I would rather them let me move on. Their money would be wasted on me...

It sure is nice of CJ to be worried about how the Titans spend their money. That wasn't a concern of his. I am glad to see he has grown since he held out for "playmaker money" a few years back. #sarcasm

He went on to say:

No disrespect, I love Tennessee and would love to be in Tennessee. But I feel like I am wasting the prime years of my career if I am not used right. You feel me? It is crazy to look at backs around the league and see the opportunities they have," Johnson said. "I am not a coach, and I am not a GM. But if I am paying a player to make him the top-paid guy on the team, there is no way in critical situations that he is going to be on the sideline. Around the goal line, I’d come out.

Well, Chris, maybe if you had picked up a tough yard in your first 5 years in the league, things would be different (to be fair, CJ was good in his short-yardage opportunities in 2013). Is this concern about how you are being used or you being mad because you didn't get goal line carries to pad your stats? My guess is that latter.

Then there was this gem:

I have to be fed. A lot of games I started getting hot and they took me out. I know a lot of people say I didn’t have any home runs this year. Well, those runs don’t come easy. They come once you keep getting the ball.

Again, in fairness, they did take him out at times when he was running well- like the Colts game here.

However, Johnson was tied for 6th in the league with 279 attempts. The Titans are actually EXTENDING the prime of his career by not giving him 300+ carries. They are keeping him fresh SO THAT HE CAN HAVE SOME HOME RUNS. Never mind the fact that before he got paid and mailed it in, he didn't need so many carries to hit a home run.

And all of this doesn't take into the fact that he just flat out doesn't try in the passing game. There are countless times where he just doesn't even bother to run his route. Even Frank Wycheck, who is typically very easy on the Titans' players, spent a long time one morning talking about CJ not trying as a receiver.

We also haven't touched on how he consistently misses holes and doesn't run where the play is called, but we have been over that. There isn't much of a reason to re-hash it now.

It is going to be a good day when the Titans finally cut ties with Johnson. They didn't have any choice but to give him the money when they did, but it turned out to be a terrible investment.

Of course they couldn't have known that he would mail it in once he got paid.