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State of the Titans Position Groups: FB

Let's take a look at where the Titans stand at Fullback, a position ever more thinning out in the league today.

Wesley Hitt

Collin Mooney

(2014 salary: $495k)

The Titans will roll with Mooney at FB in 2014, and he is a fantastic value at this point with a tiny salary to match up with metrics placing him as the 4th best FB in the NFL in 2013, despite missing the last four games of the season. Mooney proved he was an effective blocker, with big lead-blocks on several occasions leading to big plays and scores. He was also a battering ram the few times he was given the ball, both on the ground and through the air. He is a team-first player with strong leadership abilities and talent to elevate the running game.

It was noticeable when he was not utilized on the field much. In Kansas City, he logged less than 10 snaps and the run game struggled in his absence. While he alone is not the reason for the ground failures or successes, his efforts were notable. Aside from this, he also proved excellent in pass protection, showing an understanding of picking up blitz packages and sliding protections. It's hard to find a guy to root for more than Mooney, and I am glad he got his chance to take the starter role on the team in 2013, he definitely deserved it. Whoever he is blocking for next year will have a capable guy in front of him.

Quinn Johnson (UFA)

Quinn Johnson is no longer on the roster as he signed a one year deal through the end of the season when Mooney went down later in the year. Johnson was solid, if unspectacular. I assume Webster will have his number on hand if Mooney goes down again next year.

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